Vegan Hot Dogs

These vegan hot dogs are the best I've tried. Full of smoky, savory flavor, they're perfect for summer cookouts and BBQs. Fire up the grill!

How adorable are these vegan hot dogs!?! If you’re looking for a really tasty, really fun recipe to make for a cookout or BBQ this summer, friends, this is it. I love these vegan hot dogs because they are true veggie dogs. They’re not made with soy protein, pea protein, or any other ingredients that commonly appear on the labels of store-bought vegan hot dogs. Instead, they’re made with veggies! Carrots, specifically. I know, it sounds crazy. How can a carrot taste like a hot dog? Well, with the right marinade and a few minutes on the grill, I assure you that…


Pickle Relish

This homemade pickle relish takes veggie burgers and hot dogs to a whole new level! It's crunchy, sweet, and tangy - the perfect summer condiment.

It’s official: I’m never buying pickle relish at the store again. This homemade version is tangier, crunchier, and more savory and complex. The recipe also makes a very reasonable amount – right around a cup – so it’s actually possible to polish it off within a couple of weeks. (Looking at you, every massive jar of store-bought relish I’ve never managed to finish.) The next time you want to jazz up a veggie burger, hot dog, or whatever you’re grilling, I highly recommend you give it a try! Pickle Relish Recipe Ingredients Here’s what you’ll need to make this sweet pickle…


Homemade Lemonade

This homemade lemonade recipe is just the thing for a hot summer day. Made with 3 simple ingredients, it's sweet, refreshing, and deliciously tart.

We’re way overdue for a homemade lemonade recipe on Love & Lemons, don’t ya think? I can’t tell you how it happened that I never thought to post one until now, but I can tell you that this recipe was 100% worth the wait. The freshly squeezed lemonade is easy to make with just 3 ingredients, and it’s sweet, refreshing, and deliciously tart. Served over ice, it’s everything I crave on a hot summer day. This lemonade recipe makes a big batch, so it’d be a great refreshment for your next cookout or BBQ. However, you can easily scale it…


Homemade Cherry Pie

Learn how to make a cherry pie! This easy recipe features a velvety, almond-scented cherry pie filling and a flaky all-butter crust. It's SO delicious!

I am a cherry pie enthusiast. Well, honestly, I’m an all-kinds-of-pie enthusiast, but I’ll always have a soft spot for cherry pie especially. For me, it’s a nostalgic treat. It reminds me of visiting my grandma on her farm in Kansas during the summer when I was a kid. She had a grove of tart cherry trees, and if we timed our visit right, we’d be there when the branches were heavy with ruby red fruit. All those sour cherries meant one thing: we’d be making a homemade cherry pie. Maybe two, if we were lucky. This sour cherry pie…


Easy Pie Crust

Learn how to make pie crust with this easy pie dough recipe! It yields a flaky, buttery crust that's perfect for using in your favorite homemade pies.

If the prospect of making homemade pie dough intimidates you, you have to try this easy pie crust recipe. As a lover of basically every kind of pie, I’ve experimented with a variety of techniques for making pie dough over the years. I’ve had my fair share of successes, near successes, and all-out failures. But since I’ve started making this pie crust recipe, it’s worked like a charm every time. Made in a food processor using a technique that J. Kenji López-Alt pioneered for Cook’s Illustrated in 2007, it’s far more pliable than a traditional pie dough, which makes it…


Tomato Salad

This tomato salad recipe is the ULTIMATE summer side dish! Full of juicy, ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs, it's simple, flavorful, and refreshing.

This week marks the official start of summer, so I thought I’d share a new tomato salad recipe to celebrate! I hope you have some fun, relaxing plans in store for the season…and that those plans include eating your fill of ripe, juicy tomatoes. Mine certainly do! If you ask me, a tomato salad is something that everyone should know how to make. It doesn’t take much work – this recipe calls for 8 ingredients and comes together in under 10 minutes – and it’s guaranteed to impress anyone you serve it to. Thick wedges of heirloom tomatoes mingle with…



Gremolata is an Italian condiment made of parsley, garlic, and lemon zest. Sprinkle it over pasta, veggies, and more for a burst of fresh, bright flavor!

A sprinkle of parsley is one of my favorite ways to finish a dish, adding freshness and an appealing fleck of green. But if I really want to kick that same dish up a notch, I’ll sprinkle it with gremolata instead. What Is Gremolata? Gremolata might sound fancy, but really, it’s incredibly simple. An Italian condiment, it consists of chopped parsley mixed with lemon zest and garlic. The combination is zippy, bright, and fresh, making gremolata an easy way to liven up almost any dish. How to Make Gremolata Making gremolata is as simple as it sounds: all you have…


Mushroom Tacos

Avocado salsa and grilled portobello mushrooms fill these mushroom tacos with bold, fresh flavor. They're an easy and delicious plant-based dinner!

It’s Tuesday – let’s make mushroom tacos! Of all the plant-based taco fillings out there, mushrooms are one of the best. Meaty, juicy, and savory, they make a taco incredibly flavorful and satisfying to eat. I’ve shared a few recipes for mushroom tacos in the past, but if you ask me, you can never have too many taco recipes in your back pocket. We’ve been making this one a TON lately, and it’s become one of our new favorites. I think you’re going to love it too! The great thing about these mushroom tacos is that they’re so simple. They…


Grilled Mushrooms

These grilled mushrooms are an easy, delicious summer side dish! Seasoned with tamari and balsamic vinegar, they're meaty, juicy, and SO flavorful.

If you have a grill or grill pan, this grilled mushrooms recipe is one that you need in your back pocket. And if you don’t have a grill or grill pan, well, it might be worth getting one just to try this recipe. It’s insanely easy to make (we’re talking 6 ingredients and 15 minutes), and the flavor is out of this world. As the mushrooms cook on the grill, they become charred on the outside and juicy in the middle, and their savory, umami flavor intensifies. You can serve them as a knockout side dish with almost any summer…


Avocado Salsa

This avocado salsa recipe is fresh, flavorful, and SO easy to make! Serve it with tortilla chips for a zesty summer appetizer, or add it to tacos and more.

This avocado salsa recipe is kinda like a mashup of two of my favorite things: mango salsa and guac. So naturally, I’m obsessed with it. It’s a super simple recipe – you can make it in all of 10 minutes! – but it still packs in a ton of contrasting textures and flavors. Creamy avocado plays off sweet, juicy mango, which in turn accents spicy chiles, crisp red onion, and cilantro. A big squeeze of lime juice adds the perfect zesty pop. I love to serve it as a fun, fresh appetizer with tortilla chips, but this avocado salsa is…


Vegan Fajita Ranch Tacos

Fire up the grill! These tacos are packed with charred tofu, fajita veggies, and a zesty vegan ranch. They're a fun, simple meal for a summer night.

This post is in partnership with JewelOsco®. In the summer, I like my meals to be as simple as possible. I don’t want to waste time going from store to store in search of a special ingredient. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen fretting over a fussy recipe. It’s just too beautiful not to be outside. The weather is warm and sunny, and I want to soak up every minute of it. To be clear – when I say simple, I don’t mean boring. While I love recipes with easy prep, I still want them to be packed…

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